The ISICUP concept


ISICUP will consist of a range of 8-12 European already established competitions each giving points to ISICUP rankings. Every two years in odd years in August at the World Championship event, there will be held a price giving ceremony where the cup winner will be selected based on points earned over the season. We will announce a senior, young rider and a junior (age up to 16 years) rider in the tests T1, T2, V1, F1, PP1, P1, P2. The ranking is based on the rider's three best performances in terms of points scored in the preliminary rounds when participating in the ISICUP competitions.The rider has to participate in at least 3 ISICUP competitions during the tw0 year period to be considered as winner. The rider can participate with different horses during the period.



ISICUP competitions in 2016/17


To be announced.

Int. Passchampionat 2015

24-27 September 2015

Henning Drath

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